ATX Albums: David Lutes

As a writer for The Daily Texan, I have the privilege (curse?) of receiving a countless numbers of CDs from artists just looking for publicity, any publicity. Because of that, I often ignore tons of could-be-great music and have to take cues from friends and people I trust, lest I be buried under a pile of discs.

One of those recommendations was Big Top, a two-EP release from Austin artist David Lutes. The person who recommended Lutes compared his sound to the wonderful Robert Plant & Allison Krauss combination, but upon hearing it, I don’t draw those same conclusions.

That’s not to say it isn’t great. You always hear talk of how artists are a mixture of different styles, but with Lutes, that’s actually true. The first disc features the familiar twang of Texas country, but mixes in dissonant electric guitar, traditional hymn-like vocal melodies and some powerful pop hooks. These two CDs are a perfect recipe for a lazy summer day, a lazy rainy day or pretty much any time you’ve got an hour and a half to lounge around the house and listen to some great music. These gems, the music that actually makes it worth your time to listen to all these free discs, are what keeps me going. Hopefully you’ll feel the same.

Check out “Lucia’s Song” from the album below.

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